Supporting collaboration in primary care

About IHPN

About IHPN

Australia is experiencing increasing rates of chronic and complex diseases which challenge our primary care system.

Thirty-five percent of Australians, (over 7 million people) have a chronic condition, and an increasing number have multiple conditions, making care more complex and requiring input from a number of different practitioners and agencies. The burden on General Practitioners (GPs) is high, as the care is complicated. It takes GPs significant time to develop individual care plans and conduct reviews that involve multiple providers and are patient-centred.




This project will establish local interdisciplinary practitioner networks and hold an online professional development webinar to a national audience for primary care practitioners who are managing patients living with multimorbid conditions.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Attendance and participation in network and webinar activities will meet the self-reporting requirements for CPD recognition across the key participating professional bodies.


Outcomes for practitioners

  • Practitioners have the opportunity to access interactive, interdisciplinary professional development which addresses long-term, proactive management of multiple long-term conditions.
  • Participating practitioners increase their awareness of other health professional/disciplines fields of expertise.
  • Increased interdisciplinary correspondence, consultation and client referrals between participating practitioners.
  • Increased interdisciplinary networking between participating practitioners.


Contributing partners


Participating partners

The project is a collaboration between the following partners:


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