Supporting collaboration in primary care



IHPN supports practitioners from a range of disciplines to work together better by attending local professional development network meetings.





Why join an IHPN network?

  • The opportunity to build solid referral networks which allows faster, more accurate patient referrals.
  • The opportunity to share your perspective, skills and expertise with other clinicians.
  • Broaden your knowledge of local services providers.
  • Convenience. Meetings are held locally.
  • Participation in network meetings may be eligible for CPD recognition.


Continuing professional development:

Supported by Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA). Practitioners who attend IHPN meetings can self-report attendance for CPD purposes. IHPN helps you meet your reporting obligations by providing Certificates of Attendance.

Australia is experiencing increasing rates of chronic and complex diseases that challenge our primary care system. Thirty-five percent of Australians (over seven million people) have a chronic condition, and an increasing number have multiple conditions, making care more complex and requiring input from a number of different practitioners and agencies.

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